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When you need a Bail Bondsman in the Richmond area, Henrico Bail Bonds is ready to post your bond 24/7. Our Bail Bondsmen serve the Henrico County Jail, Pamunkey Regional Jail, the Richmond City Jail and the 9th Street Lock up. Chesterfield County has it's own jail and they bond there 24 hours a day. When someone gets arrested it's good to have someone on your side to guide you through the proscess. Bonding someone out of jail can be stressful and stress just stokes the fire.  Henrico County Calling Henrico Bail Bonds to meet your bonding needs is the first step to setting your loved one free. It can be difficult to get someone out of the Richmond City Jail, they have specific bonding times and posting bails can be challenging. Having a professional Bail Agent makes all the difference in the world. Henrico Bail Bonds has been the first call for people in Henrico County since 2004. We not only post your bail, we offer resources to help you through the entire court process with alcohol management programs like SOBER LIFE and private pretrial reporting. As a Bondsman in Henrico County, Bill Weisband has served over 10,000 clients, providing Bail for clients throuout the Richmond VA area. If you get arrested in Henrico County or Goochland, call 804-333-0119 to get the Bail Bond process started.

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Bail Bondsmen that are familiar with Henrico County Jail know that there can be long wait times and this can be extremely frustrating when posting a bond. It helps to have a bondsman that knows the particulars about the Bail Bond processes at each jail location. Bail Bondsman know the Henrico County Jail is open for bonding 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while the Richmond City Jail has bonding hours every 2 hours starting at 12:00 noon. Its good to find a Bail Bondsman that knows the score and will handle all the details.

Will your loved one get a bond or will they GET OUT OF JAIL FREE?

In Virginia, Bondsman must charge not less than 10% and not more than 15% of the amount of the bond. That is the law in Virginia. However, you can pay for your bond on-line with a Credit Card or use Pay Pal. We also Have Payment Plans! Call Bill 24 hours a day with any question at 804-333-0119

Good people sometimes make mistakes that sometimes result in an arrest. If you need help getting an inmate released, call me...did I metion that we also have payment plans.

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